Workout Explainations

Notice that the abs are squeezed and the body is balanced with the weight through the heel.
In the middle of a lunge both legs should be at 90 degree angles and your weigh should be through the front heel and the rear toe

Lunge step 1

Lunge step 2

Regular push up start
Regular push up step 2
 The start of a push up should have your abs squeezed or drawn in and your arms at 90 degrees to your body.       The bottom of the push up should bring the arms to a bend at the elbow of just less than 90 degrees from the wrist to the shoulder
Wide grip
Narrow or tricep grip push ups

The Dive Bomb starts with your hands in a push up position and your hips up and back. Step 2 is to bend the elbows, almost touching the ground with your nose, before pushing yourself up into the finishing position. 
Dive Bomb Step 1
Dive Bomb Step 2
Dive Bomb Step 3

Overhead Press
Start off with your hands up like you are making moose ears. Finish just short of locking your elbows
Overhead press Start
Overhead press Finish

Front Raise
The front raise begins with your arms down in front of the body and finishes with your arms parallel to the ground.
Front Raise start
Front Raise Step 2

 Lateral Raise
The lateral raise is similar to the front raise but rather the arms move out to the side.
Lateral Raise Step 2
Lateral Arm Raise Start

 Wood Chop
The Wood Chop is an excellent exercise for build overall core strength and making the toning process much simpler in the long run. This can also be completed with a dumb bell, kettle bell, med. ball, or any other manner of resistance
Wood chop Start
Wood chop Half way
Wood chop finish (should be a little lower to the hip)

Straight Arm Twist
Another great exercise for assisting in core strength development an injury proofing. Notice that the abs are contracted through the entire range of motion.
Straight Arm Twist Start
Straight Arm Twist Halfway Point
Straight Arm Twist Finish

Floor Bridge Start
Floor Bridge Finsh

                                                              Variation of the Bridge

Single Leg Floor Bridge Start
Single Leg Floor Bridge Finish

                                                   Core muscles, Back, Glutes
Frog Kick Start
Frog Kick Finish


Glutes, Hamstrings, Lower back

Leg Extension Finish

Leg Extension Step 2

                                                           Outer thighs, Glutes

Side Leg Lift
Side Leg Lift Step 2


                                                                       Inner thighs
Side Bottom Leg Lift Step 2
Side Bottom Leg Lift

The plank is one of my personal favorites when it comes to both ab and core work. While this lift will not bring forth the six pack abs, it will create the kind of foundation that is necessary for your abdominal wall and lower back.


There are several variations that to the plank, also referred to as prone iso-abs. These are just a few that we will expand upon.

Single Leg Plank

Opposing Arm and Leg Plank

This is how we can make crunches effective without having to do thousands at a time. Do this correctly and it will feel differently than you have ever had crunches feel before.
Crunch Beginning Position
 Notice that the back is squeezed flat to the floor, the elbows are parallel to the ground, and the face is looking toward a focal point on the ceiling

Crunch Step 2

Crunch Variations

Bent Knee Crunch Start

Single Leg Crunch Finish
Single Leg Crunch Start

This one is a great start to begin working the obliques as well as the hip flexors. Not a real complicated maneuver but extremely effective.

A Negative Crunch is just as it sounds. Rather than squeezing your shoulders toward your your hips, you will allow your legs to fall toward the floor, allowing your back to come up off of the floor.
Negative Tuck Crunch Start
To finish the negative crunch you will squeeze your back flat to the ground and your knees in to your chest.
Negative Tuck Crunch Finish

Leg lifts are going to key in on your lower abs, hip flexors, and low back muscles.
Leg Lift Start
Leg Lift Finish

Straight Leg Crunches will focus on upper abs and lower abs together. To keep any stress from your neck be sure to keep your focus straight above throughout the exercise.

Straight Leg Crunch Start

Straight Leg Crunch Finish

One of the more complex as well as beneficial crunches, this involves both obliques and ab wall.
Bicycle Crunch Step 2
Bicycle Crunch Start

Jackknife Step 1
Jackknife Step 2

Bar none this is the most difficult of the abs that i have listed here. done properly it applies almost no momentum but rather shear ab ripping contraction.

Jackknife Step 3

An isometric exercise that is sure to help balance as well as overall core strength.

V Sit
                                                 Just a variation bringing motion to the exercise.

V Sit Twist