02 October, 2010

Find Your Way Back

Ever gotten lost? I mean no gps in the world can help you, better have three days rations, no idea where to begin lost? From time to time I believe that we all find ourselves in these straits. As the old adage goes, if you find yourself digging a hole, stop digging. Sometimes along the way we get a few clicks off. I've got to be honest, this is where I have found myself often particularly in the area of working out. The danger in the aforementioned adage when it comes to your physical being is that you can lose ground way to easily if you stop digging. If you can identify right now with the sense of non motivation, start back at the basics. Work little things back into your day that will help you gain ground in getting back on track. On that note, here are a few steps that may help in the form of a workout!

5 min. warm up
50 push ups as fast as possible
3x 10 bent flys
3x 10 overhead press
3x 30 pulse squats
4x 30 sec. planks
2x 25 reg. crunches
2x 25 straight leg crunches
5 min. cool down



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