15 November, 2010

Manic Monday!

What better way to open a week than with a song. Monday is here and this week is coming with a vengeance. We have essentially one month to stabilize our bodies before we begin punishing them again with the beginning of another season. This week is the last real week before we have to start avoiding some physical landmines. Thanksgiving will mark the beginning of the holiday party season which generally means the binge eating season. Rather than wait until New Years to make resolutions that haven't been kept in years past, let's set ourselves up for success by being proactive and maintaining what should be an amazing body at this point. We are going to do this by getting to work today and not letting up. Without further adieu...

5 min. warm up
3x 10 wide push ups
3x 10 overhead press
3x 10 inverted rows
3x 10 10 meter lunges
3x 10 straight arm twists (each side)
4x 30 sec. planks
4x 25 crunches of your choosing
5 min. cooldown



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