31 December, 2010

Ten Down

Let's leave 2010 in proper fashion. Whether good or bad, we might as well leave it on a positive note by improving ourselves for the coming year. Does that sound New Years Eve enough? Personally I was done with 2010 a while ago so I am perfectly fine with it's exit. All that being said, I do understand that the most popular resolution is always to lose weight, improve overall health. This means that for the next three weeks your local fitness centers will be packed. Now let me be realistic with you. The by the time January is over my workplace will look the same as it has for the past three months, relatively empty. This suggests that a majority of the resolutions that will be made are not worth the breathe that will be expended to utter them. Here is where I will make a statement that I hope will remain accurate. All of the statistics that we run off of are simply averages. I personally believe that there is nothing average about any of the women that play this sport or for that matter follow it. I would also venture that there is nothing average about someone who can handle reading this far into some absolutely atrocious writing because they are seeking a way to improve themselves. Now let's see how true that rings for each of us. I simply hope that you all have a happy and safe new years eve. Before we get there, let's get just a little more work done to bid farewell to the first decade of a millennium.

5 min warm up
2x 15 straight arm twists(each side)
2x 15 narrow push ups
2x 15 inverted rows
2x 15 skier squats
2x 15 overhead press
2x 25 oblique crunches(each side)
2x 25 negative crunches
2x 25 jackknifes
2x 10 superman
5 min cool down



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