18 April, 2011


Weeks involving a lot of traveling have different pitfalls for an athlete. Generally speaking, an athlete will always do better inside of a routine, a structure that they are familiar with and prepared to react to. Travel, even in the best scenarios, is almost never routine. Something will be amiss, leaving us a little out of step with our normal cadence. Even for those of us who travel really well, keeping a calm, laid back attitude no matter what a TSA agent throws at us or how many people we have to speak to in order to find our luggage, hotel, gas station, arena, or place to eat it can be difficult on the road. Here are a few things I have found that help keep everything sharp and allow out of town to go smooth. 1. Get as much time as you can to get used to your surroundings. This will help a lot. If you can get access to the venue, check it out. If you can meet some fans from the opposing teams place of origin, smile and be friendly. Winning over a crowd to your favor is not as difficult as it may seem (unless your just an asshole) and it can pay big dividends for you. 2. Take care of your body. On the road your body will tend to fatigue quicker, your immune system will be exposed to a variety of different potential threats, and rest and recovery can take quite a bit longer. Get good sleep, stay hydrated, and make sure you sweat a few times before you are actually playing. this will help your body acclimate. 3. Have fun after you play. Dietary experimentation can be a problem before a game if your system is a little delicate or the cuisine rougher than the rest. Take it easy on the experimenting with different or exotic food and drinks before you have to play. Afterward, tear it up! With that out of the way, let's start the week off on a good note!

5 min warm up
4-2-1 tempo
2x 20 push ups
2x 20 inverted rows
2x 20 overhead press
2x 20 single leg squats
2x 20 step ups

2-0-2 tempo
3x 12 straight arm twists
3x 12 wood chops

1-0-1 tempo
2x 25 squat jumps
2x 25 straight leg crunches
2x 25 frog kicks
5 min cool down

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