09 May, 2011


5 min warm up
4-2-1 tempo
3x 15 single arm chest press on stab ball
3x 15 squat to overhead press
3x 15 back flys
3x 50 meters lunge with a hop

2-0-2 tempo
4x 6 single leg tuck jump
4x 50 meters skipping for distance
3x 10 squatthrust (burpee)

No tempo
2x 30 sec plank
2x 25 neg. crunch
2x 25 straight arm twists
5 min cool down

I must admit that I am not typically a fan of acronyms in any form. I prefer not to speak, or listen to for that matter, in anyway that originated with a text message or instant messenger. There is this just one exception to this and it is the letters HTFU, standing for Harden The Fuck Up. I am not positive of this phrases origin but I can certainly say that I ran across it in a conversation with Roller Warrior Annie Maul awhile back as she was describing her approach to both life and sport. I remember her telling me that she though the world had gone soft, that we acted weaker than we actually were because we were sometimes afraid of the discomfort of work. "I just want to tell people to Harden The Fuck Up!" she explained. For the record this is a woman that lives what she believes. This weekend, in watching some great bouts, I would say that the play was anything but soft. I saw people play through discomfort, through injury, through pressure, and most certainly through pain. This is what I connect with and I believe all of the other fans do as well, whether they know it or not. We all want to see people excel, see people push through to success in the face of adversity. We all want to see people do this because it is those glimpses that allow us to believe that we can succeed as well. Rather than talk about it or hold someone's hand through ever lowering standards, derby girls seem to set there feet, accept the challenge, and charge in headlong.

One other reason that I have come to accept this acronym is it's use of the word Fuck! Truth be told, I don't know that any other word could add the proper amount of emphasis for this statement or for roller girls. I recently heard in a brief speech "Alright ladies, let's go out there and fuck some shit up!" Absolutely brilliant and to the point! If your offended, HTFU



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