08 June, 2011


5 min warm up
4-2-1 tempo
2x 20 push ups
2x 20 squats to overhead presses
2x 20 inverted rows
2x 20 step ups ( step up onto an elevated surface, balance on one foot, and step down)

1-1-1 tempo
2x 25 straight arm twists(each direction)
4x 30 sec planks
2x 25 oblique crunches( each side)
5 min cool down

It is now officially the middle of the week and we are in the downhill slide shortly. It is hot and muggy where I am and though not the most conducive air for breathing, I am as happy as can be to not deal with cold. Tomorrows workout will be primarily an outside one so enjoy a little time in the ac as you break a sweat today!

Have a great one!


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