19 December, 2011

Peace On Earth

Maybe it is the holidays or maybe the coming of another year but whatever it is I have have been caught up in a bit of reminiscence. I have heard it said that while we may not be our past, our past is definitely a part of who we are. On occasion I believe that we are all taken back into our pasts one way or another, on purpose or not. For me right now I seem to be caught up by a weather pattern. Today has been a grand, soft day. It has been cold and rainy; the kind of rain that isn't driving but still manages to leave you cold and soaked through and through. While I admittedly hate the cold, days like this remind me of some of my favorite times playing soccer. I remember leaving the locker room, adrenaline pumping and a crisp, fresh jersey on my back. I remember a cold, stadium coming to life with the anticipation of the first whistle and the bloodshed that would follow in the next ninety minutes or so. I remember the rain running down my face and into my eyes. By the time warm-ups were over sweat was mixed in to the liquid concoction and my cleats were beginning to give way in there water resistance. If there is a better way to draw up the mood for an ugly battle to ensue I have not found it. I remember hearing the crowd begin to chant and seeing the rain piss it's way through the spotlights and onto the pitch. While all of this is still such a vivid imagery in my mind, it pales in comparison to my favorite moment of all. In all of this I remember living for the last moment before the whistle when I would kneel down to make the last minute adjustments to my boots and breathe in the smell of the grass. There was something about the smell of the field, fresh cut grass mixed with mud that would all be torn to shreds for the duration of the game, that somehow made everything seem right in the world. The cold rain had a certain way of making this more alive than most times, other than summer of course. Honestly, I don't remember most of the games I played but I cannot forget that smell. It made the whole thing seem easy the way it was when I was a kid just having a kick with my friends. For all of the training, all of the practice, all of the pain and injury; the grass made it worth it. It was the only thing about the game that didn't have some sort of bias and for the few minutes before we would tear it to shreds that piece of earth seemed the only possible peace on earth. What is the point of this? There isn't one. I just like that story...


5 min warm up
2x 20 narrow grip push ups
2x 20 lateral raises
2x 20 high rows or chin ups (either or will work)
2x 20 rockstar jumps
4x 60 sec planks
2x 25 straight leg crunches
2x 25 frog kicks
5 min cool down

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