25 April, 2012

Kicking It Up

So here we are, at the end of another month, 1/3 of the way through the calendar year and time doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. For me, the end of the month is a time where I evaluate my performance against my goals and then either re-adjust time frames for achieving them or set new ones because the objective has been reached. This is something that one of my favorite coaches had do a long time ago and it stuck. The reason that I bring this concept up is because at one point it was so foreign to me but has yielded great dividends through practice. Here are a few tips to think about:

1. Keep good records/ stats- There is no other way to objectively look at your performance than to do the math, whether you want to believe it or not
2. Write Things Down- There is something about writing things that makes them stick differently. I am not going to get into the science behind that today but it works
3. Don't be too hard on yourself- We are typically our own worst critics, at least those of us that are trying to improve. Derby will beat you up bad enough that you probably don't need to kick yourself.
4. Learn from your mistakes, but keep moving forward- It is very easy to get caught up in analyzing a situation that didn't go your way and forget that you are still living a different situation. Learn enough to not repeat it but don't bother looking back.
5. Do what you Love- Time is by far the most precious commodity that we possess. it is not worth wasting it on something that you are not passionate about. If anything you are doing is not in some way contributing to the passions of your life, cut that shit. You will be happier, trust me.

That said, let's work out!

5 min warm up
2x 20 burpee push ups
2x 20 squat to overhead press
2x 20 inverted rows
2x 25 meters of lunges
4x 45 sec planks
2x 20 single leg floor bridges(each leg)
2x 25 jackknifes
5 min cooldown



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