17 May, 2012

Something That Nobody Wants To Admit

Most of us spend a fair amount of our time trying to appear as though everything is going very well. we want to come off as confident, well capable people who can handle any number of situations. The truth behind this facade that we put forth is that we are scared to death more often than we can admit. Fear is something that we all deal with differently and for that matter often don't recognize for what it is in the moment. I would venture that in every situation there is a measure of fear that we experience; some of them very insignificant and others overwhelming. This is something that has occurred to me more vividly in the recent past than at any other time in my life and looking back I can see many times that I confused my fears with anger or covered them with bravado. Now, more often than not, I see them for what they are. Basically I have identified two types of fear: Fear of something tangible and fear of the unknown. The first of these is not always a bad thing as long as you can be certain that it is validated fear. I think of this being the typical fight or flight response like when you have a jammer that is about to be crushed by a blocker. She should have enough fear of the collision that is about about to take place to decide whether to get out of the way or stand up to the hit. The second type of fear is the tricky one though because it is strictly an emotion. These are the fears and worries that feel as though we have no control over, often because the situations we are worrying about have not occurred and for that matter may never come to fruition. Am I going to get injured? Will I make the next all-star team? Am I able to do my best? Are my circumstances right? Am I "lucky" enough to... ? There is no answer for most of these questions when we begin to ask them because there is not enough information about them if there is any situation at all. As I have said before, the opposite of fear is love and we can probably all agree that roller derby is something we all love. A close friend of mine told me today that "Love is blind". I have always looked at this semantically as a negative thing meaning that I was overlooking some flaw that should have been clear because I was so enamored by it. He explained this common turn of phrase a little differently by saying " Love is having the faith to move forward even when you are stepping into The blindness of the unknown". This made complete sense to me with the concept of fear of the unknown and it's paralyzing abilities if left unchecked. To put a point on this rambling, don't get caught by fear but rather move forward remembering your love for something and pursuing it! Now here is a workout for you to build up some strength for the journey...



5 min warm up
3x 12 wide push ups
3x 12 db front raises
3x 12 stab. ball squats
3x 12 inverted rows
2x 25 neg. crunches
2x 25 stab ball crunches
2x 10 full pike crunches
5 min cooldown

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