12 May, 2012

Things To Remember

I have recently found myself very busy and letting some things fall through the cracks. Lack of time and increased stress has a tendency to diminish my ability to remember everything with perfect recall. For the most part, everything has remained intact but, ever the non-typical perfectionist, thats not gopd enough for me. Here are a few things I strongly recommend keeping in mind to help manage the rest:

Remember who you are.
Remember how you got here, where you came from, and where you are going.
Remember to let people know how much they mean to you.
Remember the fundamentals; the things that have made you what you are and continue to improve on them.
Remember to live the moment you are living.
Remember to have fun, to not be too serious, to laugh.
Remember that dancing is good for everyone whether they are good at it or not.
Remember to brush your teeth.
Remember the things that beneficially carry you through the day and don't neglect them.
Remember not to listen to much to the oona of others, even mine, but to find out for yourself.
Remember this is your life and it is all what you want to make it!

A new workout will be up Monday. Have a good weekend!


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