10 July, 2010

Days Off Are For Wimps (Sometimes)

Welcome to the weekend. Most of you have worked hard all week and are ready for a break. Some of you have a hangover and a bout tonight. None of these are good excuses to not get something done today. All that being said, today we are going to take it a little easy. Your workout is as follows!!!

Start out with a thorough stretch while practicing your most intimidating game face (If people are laughing you are probably not scary enough and should try harder!)
Nice Slow 1-2 mile jog (10-12 min. mile)
2 planks 30 sec. each
2x 25 regular crunches ( go slow and focus on form)
Stretch again this time envisioning your best interpretive dance of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing"

That's it. This will help you through practice or a game and prepare you for the after practice beer or the dance off at the after party! Enjoy your Saturday!!!



  1. Any sage advice about what to eat on bout day? Lunch, diner, etc.

  2. A good balanced lunch with roughly 15grams of protein(about the same as a large chicken breast.
    You also may want something about an hour before the bout. Cheese and crackers, trail mix,vegetables or yogurt are all good options. Stay away from heavy foods such as cottage cheese or beef jerky. Aside from the slowing affects of such foods, you will not want that taste in your mouth if you get blocked in the gut too hard.