09 July, 2010

The Next Step

So it's Friday and you have survived another week. Before everyone hits happy hour let's do some damage control. As derby girls you were built to party like rock stars. Unlike rock stars, however, you're still athletes. What I mean by this is simple. You have to take care of your body a little bit so that it will continue to carry you around the track. Injuries are like a blindside hit from behind. They are nasty certainly deserving of a major penalty. unfortunately, when dealing with injuries you are the only one who will have to do the time. Here are a few recommendations in avoiding injury:

1. Eat- your body needs energy! Food is the best source of energy for your body. The less processed, the better. Get something in your stomach About an hour before you are working out.

2. Warm Up- you should be beginning to break a sweat before you ever enter a workout

3. Stretch- once your muscles are warm and have some blood moving through them, take the time to stretch them out

4.Cool Down- Bring yourself back from the stratosphere of skating stardom slowly. If you are not
cooling down Your risk of injury goes through the roof.

5.Recover- After you have exerted yourself, your body will again be depleted of the necessary nutrients to keep you healthy. I strongly recommend drinking chocolate milk within 30 min. of completing your workout. Yes, I just said chocolate milk. The benefits of it are as great as most protein shakes or recovery shakes. Might as well enjoy something along the way.

Here is your workout for today! It is relatively light as many of you are preparing for an upcoming bout. Best of luck to all!

5 min warm up
2 x 30sec. Mountain climbers
2x15 tricep dips
2x15 side leg lifts (each side)
100 jump ropes ( if you don't have one, just pretend)
2x15 calf raises
5 min. cool down


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  1. Yay Trainer J! I'm really excited you started this. I've been slacking lately as far as workouts on my own time, and I know this will help!