08 July, 2010

Let's do this!!!

So, we can all agree on the fact that roller derby is one of the most awesome sports that a human can engage in. It is a great mixture of athleticism and huge personalities all set to the backdrop of a thunderous crowd surrounding a small track prepared for the battle of the day. So what does it take to be a roller girl? In my opinion it takes quite a bit. Most teams practice two to four times a week and seasons last nine months or more. If you do the math , this adds up to a hell of a lot of work for a roller girls body to have to endure. If you are attempting to be a badass on skates, continue through an entire season at top performance, and stay injury free, it's going to take more than a couple of days a week on skates. It is going to take training daily and that is why i am here.

I have been training roller girls year round for the past two years. The results that these women have seen in there strength, speed, endurance, ability to take or give a hit, and over all resilience has been incredible. That's not to mention that we have built bodies that will snap peoples heads around from fifty feet at any bar. A capable body is also a fucking hot body.

What i am setting out to do here is to give you a copy of a workout to help you improve necessary aspects of a derby girls game. There will be a fresh workout each morning to keep you on track. If you have any questions as to what exercise i am describing, feel free to comment or email me and i will clarify further. So here is the workout today!

1/2 mile warm up jog at a nice slow pace
25 push-ups
10 walking lunges on each leg
10 speed skater jumps (each side)
10 squat jumps
1 plank for 30 sec.
50 regular crunches

Notes: It is not as important that you do all of these repetitions in one set. It is important that you complete every rep for every exercise. You will need this endurance and discipline to carry you through in matches that go harder than were expected.

Until tomorrow,



  1. YES! Thank you sooooooo much for doing this! Now you can kick my butt into shape even when you aren't around! I can't wait to get home and do this tonight!

  2. J -

    I'm excited to follow along and do the workouts you recommend!

    - Monke from Providence Roller Derby.

  3. J - I was recently sent a link to this blog and am very excited to be incorporating these workouts into my daily training. It was so amazing to have a resource like this as an athlete in a rather untraditional sport.

    I have a few questions I'm hoping you have time to answer.
    1. should i do one of your workouts on the days that i have practice also?
    2. what is an appropriate workout schedule the week of a bout if the bout is saturday?
    3. do you recommend that someone just getting started with these workouts start at the beginning of the blog? or is it fine to begin with the latest workout and stay in sync moving forward?

    again i just want to express how thankful i am to have found this blog! thank you for taking the time to do it and please keep it up!

    - Thunder Enlightenin, Atlanta Rollergirls