13 July, 2010

Let's Mix Things Up A Bit

It's so late it's early and I have to be in the gym before the sun. Today I am encouraging you not to join me in my misery. Don't get me wrong, I love an establishment that markets pain and sweat as much as the next guy. Sometimes you just have to break the routine though. Let's dispel a few common myths right of the bat.

Myth #1: Working out has to take hours and hours, specifically cardio

False! The truth is that we only need to raise the heart rate. 20 min. of interval training, circuit training, or cleaning your house has shown to be as effective at burning calories as 45-60 min. of light jogging

Myth #2: I have to be in a gym to get a workout.

False again! You can get a workout anywhere. The purpose of a workout is to exert force beyond that which your body requires to survive. Running, swimming, biking, jumping cleaning, dancing, laughing and of course skating all qualify as workouts.

Myth #3: There is only one way to get the proper workout.

Not the truth. I will agree that there are some ways that are more effective and certainly some ways that are quite a bit harder on your joints, but there is simply no one right way. Do what works best for you!!!

With those myths out of the way, let me give you a few thoughts on what I would be doing if I were not stuck in the gym all day.

1. Go swimming- Swimming is kind of the best of all worlds. Unless you are afraid of water that is. Swimming is a mixture of cardiovascular, aerobic and resistance training. Not to mention it is one of the few types of workouts that if you quit half way through, you die!!!
2. Play with a ball in the park- whether a football, soccer ball, basketball, softball, or tennis ball; all can be effective for off the track training. Some of the benefits of this include better coordination, balance, strength, and speed.
3. Ride a Bicycle- good for building endurance, leg strength, and response time(especially in traffic) , riding a bicycle can be another great way to break up the monotony and lessen your carbon footprint. If you prefer unicycles, tricycles, or pogo sticks feel free. All are equally effective.

The other upside to this methodology is that it will help balance out a derby girls body. Skating fast and turning left leaves your body out of balance through time. Forcing your body to do something different will help bring your body back into balance and ultimately help your performance on the track.

Here is a quick ab workout you can finish either before or after you go enjoy your life outside of the gym!!!

2x 10 second superman
2x 45 sec. plank
2x 10 ultra slow crunches(regular)
2x 10 ultra slow crunches (knees bent, feet in the air)

Have a Great Day!!!!


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