22 July, 2010


I took an opportunity this week to get a little skating of my own done and I have to say today I have a little more respect for roller girls. Using proper skating form kind of made my back hurt like fuck and demonstrated to me the lack of flexibility in my ankles. I can only imagine the fun of being able to crush people while your at it. One thing that this little excursion made blatantly clear was the incredible need for a strong core and tough inner and outer thighs and glutes. Today we are going to focus a little more on these areas!!!

15min. Warm Up
3x 10 pushups
3x 10 inverted rows
3x 10 front arm raises
3x 15 standing straight arm twists(each side)
10x 5sec. supermans
2x 10 quadruped (each side)
2x 25 ball crunches
2x 25 med. ball twist crunch
5min. Cooldown




  1. The quadruped is as follows:
    1. Begin down on all fours
    2. Extend your right arm straight in front of your body and your left leg straight behind your body
    3. Return to starting position, switch and repeat.

  2. Props to you for doing some skating!