23 July, 2010

The Decision

We have reached the point in the week where the really hard choices come into play. Hopefully at this point you have four good hard days of work under your belt this week. Now the rubber meets the road. The weekend is here and summer is in full swing. Patios are open and ladies drink cheap about everywhere you go. So what's it going to be? Here is a little information just so you can make an informed decision. For one alcoholic beverage your body is unable to absorb nutrients properly for the next two days. This is a good way to piss hard work down the drain. Don't think I just don't get it. Roller derby is a sport with one of the longest seasons I have ever heard of. It is also a sport full of some of the most fun women I have ever met. I am not suggesting that you do not drink while in season. I am suggesting that you should be aware of how alcohol affects your performance. A lack of nutrients means that your body is more susceptible to injury and sickness. Nothing is worse than getting injured in the middle of what could be an incredible season and not being able to finish it on skates. So this weekend keep that in mind. That being said, today is going to be a relatively light day for the workout so enjoy!!!

5min. Warm up
30min. light jog
4x 30 sec. planks
4x 30sec. Skier Squats( go down and hold)
4x 25 crunches
2x 25 side leg lifts
5min. Cool down

Have Fun!



  1. "For one alcoholic beverage your body is unable to absorb nutrients properly for the next two days."

    I feel like this can't possibly be an accurate statement - do you have a reference for this information? Would love to know how true that is. Thanks!

  2. It's pretty accurate. Here's why. The caloric density of alcohol is 7 cal. per gram making it second only to fat. In the short term affects, say between 1 and 6 hours depending on the the individual, your body looks at alcohol as a ready source of energy even though it is void of any true nutrients similar to sugar. With it being such a dense caloric substance, your body goes to it first, pushing aside most of the nutrient rich substances in your body. Where we see it's affects over the next couple of days is in the stomach and small intestine where most nutrient absorption takes place. Alcohol changes the digestive enzymes in the in the the digestive system and can remain there altering the nutrient absorption for up to 48 hours. I have seen studies claiming up to 4 days but this I believe to be a stretch. You can find several of these studies pretty readily such as one done by Victoria Freeman, PhD or Elizabeth Somer, MA, RD, in her book, The Essential Guide to Vitamins and Minerals.