15 July, 2010

Still The Most Awesome Sport Around

I just saw an ad for Cheerios featuring Miss American Thighs from Gotham. All I can say is that it's about time that the rest of the world recognized the athleticism that is involved within this sport. The way I see it, this puts roller girls in the same category as Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson and NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer. Not bad company to keep as far as people who require incredible amounts of focus, dedication, and athleticism. Now before we get too far ahead ourselves, let's keep in mind that there is still a lot of ground to be gained in most of the public's mind. The way that i propose we do this is by good, hard work. The better the shape you are in, the faster you can skate, the harder you can hit, and the more the rest of us can experience the sport that most of you live for. That being said, Here is your workout!!!

10 min. warm up
30 sec. mountain climbers
3x 12 overhead press
3x 12 front raise
3x15 side leg lifts(each side)
25 old school sit ups( all the way up, all the way down)
25 bicycle crunches
Leg lifts (drawing the numbers 1-10 with your feet)
10 min cool down

I am serious about you drawing the numbers 1-10 with your feet while doing led lifts. Watch out for 8 and 10. They are nasty!!! Enjoy!


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  1. Props for the Shawn Johnson mention. Iowa hero!