16 July, 2010

Take It To The Streets

One of my favorite things about roller girls is the swagger that comes with being one. In a world that is generally just freaked the fuck out, derby girls still seem to float through with confidence dripping from their skates. It's that calm cool attitude that says you might want to think twice before you try to hit me or i am coming for your ass. Today, let's take that to the streets. I am not suggesting any bar fights or other militant behavior. Just a little competition with yourself and the the attitude to draw some attention. Today we are going to be out of the gym and off the track. I recommend finding a track to run or bike on and showing up the girl who did her hair and make-up before she almost broke a sweat. You can always join a pick-up game of any kind and let the boys know that there are women in this world who came to play and can look better than them doing it. If none of this sounds any good, throw a frisbee and hope it's not a windy day. The biggest key to this is that you are not going straight to the bars to start beating your body up the wrong way before you go and beat it up the right way. So let's see some swagger today and get some core work just for posterity sake. Here is your brief workout!

Warm up
4x 30 sec. planks
2x25 crunches(regular)
2x10 leg lifts
2x 10 bicycle crunches
Cool down

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