30 July, 2010

Weeks Over Again

Another week has drawn to a close and many in the derby community are gearing up for a game weekend. A couple of things to remember here. Even if you have a big game coming up you still need to be working out. Your body will react to competition much better if it is not given a total break. With that in mind, the next couple of days including game day should be relatively light, allowing you to have the most energy to expend when it counts. If you are playing Saturday what you do today matters as much if not more. Eat well today. This means balancing your meals with carbs., fats, and proteins. There is not a need to "carb load" today due to the nature of the sport, however, if you have found a balance that works for you as an individual keep it up. That being said, here is your workout today.

5 min. warm up
1/2 mile light jog
25 meters karaoke step(grapevine) (each side)
2x 60 sec. planks
25 reg crunches (slow)
25 crunches w/ feet elevated (slow)
5 min. cool down

One other note. If you can stay out of the sun and stay hydrated your results will be drastically better. Hope you have a great Friday!


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  1. what do you recommend to do the week of a bout? would plyos be ok if it is done in the beginning of the week?