17 August, 2010

Bad Behavior

Fuck it, here we go. In the past week we have seen bad behavior at it's worst being glorified. I have tried my best to ignore it but to no avail. We have seen stories on a national level, in a variety of areas of life, all dealing with bad behavior. From government officials, to service personnel, and of course athletes. My take is simple. As an elected official, an employee, a team member,or a human, what kind of thinking is it that allows you to place yourself above the rest and take matters into your own hands? Perhaps it is some kind of annoyance or injustice? If this is the case there are appropriate methods and channels that do not involve acting out, sacrificing the integrity of the people or organization that you represent, or engaging in a physical altercation of any kind. These things are not alright and should not be treated as such because there are certainly and definitely consequences. The reason that I feel the need to discuss this is that in the roller derby community you have an opportunity to join together in one of the most sacred of assemblies, that of a team. Within the dynamics of a great team, there are many roles, none of which is greater than the whole of the team itself. In a team environment everyone makes sacrifices to achieve the common goals of success. Each individual is responsible for attending practices, giving the finest effort that they are capable of, and being accountable for there individual actions that in some way affect the rest of the team. There are times when this is absolutely glorious. there are also situations where this is the definition of misery. In order to support the women with whom you skate, sometimes it means that you have to quietly ride the bench so the team as a whole can succeed. Sometimes it means that no matter how cheap a foul is, how badly your ego or your person is bruised, you must keep you head up and your mouth shut so that your actions support the integrity of the team for which you participate as a member. Please understand, I am not suggesting that this is always easy. In athletics, as in life, you will no doubt have injustices occur. There will be times that it feels incredibly personal and incredibly wrong, and for the time, they may be. But the upsides far outweigh the down in these cases. If you can still look at your fellow teammates with pride and confidence in your integrity as a whole, the feeling is indescribable. This is where championships are born, long before they are ever realized. If these things do not interest you, feel free to join the mob, but please do it with enough manners that you don't destroy what so many others are attempting to build within their organization. To most of us, even though we understand some of your circumstances, your bad behavior is still unacceptable and not something we wish to associate with. Now back to the work of striving for greatness!

5 min. warm up
45 min. of cardiovascular motion(Moving in what ever way you see fit with an elevated heart rate)
2x 10 jack knife crunches( finish in a pike position)
2x 25 side(oblique) crunches
2x 30sec. side planks (each side)
5 min. cool down



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