16 August, 2010

Let's Grit Our Teeth And Get It Over With

Today's workout is going to be one that you just have to force yourself to do and get it done with. This is my approach even now as I write. I apologize ahead of time for any soreness. Meet today with the best effort you can muster and if your still hurting from the weekend adjust accordingly. Here you go!

10 min. warm up
3x 10 push ups
3x 10 squat jumps
3x 10 speed skater jumps
50 meters skipping fpr height
100 meters skipping for distance
4x 100meter sprints
3x 10 inverted rows
3x 10 overhead presses
4x 30 sec. mountain climbers
4x 60 sec. planks
2x 10 3 sec. ab presses
2x 25 crunches with knees bent
5 min. cool down

The less rest the better between exercises! Enjoy!


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