15 August, 2010

Let's Start the Week Early!

This is going to be a rough week of training and we are going to get after it beginning now. I understand it is more than likely hot where you live and you are probably coming off of a game, that is if you are not still playing today. In spite of all of this, it is time to really start working up the endurance aspects of your conditioning. Now is the time that we need to worry about this so when we are going into regionals and then nationals we don't have to. So let's continue building the platform for success on our terms!

5 min. warm up
30 min. light interval training ( 5 min. jogging, 3 min. running)
50 meters of lunges
3x 10 push ups
25 meters bear crawl
10 meters crab walk(Forward, backward, and each side)
4x 30 sec. planks
2x 25 crunches your choice



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