04 August, 2010

Evolution: What's Coming Next !

So this week we are going to change up the interview a little bit and spotlight an up and coming rookie. I figure why not give a little spotlight to someone who is still in the process of falling in love with this sport. Maybe vicariously we can all reconnect to what it was like the first time that we realized that this crazy game would mean the world to us. I was fortunate enough enough to have the opportunity to interview Evolution of the KCRW Roller Warriors. While this is her rookie year, she has certainly snapped some necks around, quite literally, and become somewhat of a force to be reckoned with. This seems to be a pattern with this woman on the track and off. I can personally attest to the incredible amount of positive attention that she has garnered for the sport in the KC area, bringing herds of her own loyal fans to support the entire team for which she plays. Not to mention the incredible amount of hospitality both she and her husband show when they welcome you into their restaurant,Mayas Mexican Bistro. I highly recommend this food in proper portions of course. And in case you missed it, that was a shameless plugg. What can I say, I have a soft spot for Mexican food. All the same, the interview went like this:

So this is your rookie season and your already skating with the All-stars. How did you get started in Derby?

Evolution"Lou": The truth is someone dared me. My birthday was coming up and I kinda wanted to have a skating party. A friend of mine had seen an ad in the paper for upcoming derby try-outs and he bet me i wouldn't do it. I didn't really know what it was but I was like, it's on.

Alright, what was your first derby experience like the?

Lou: I went to the try out meeting at the rink and there was an all-star practice going on. I brought my skates, that I had to dust off( I hadn't really skated since 8th grade) and I was ready to go. I didn't get to skate that night, but I was ready though.

Sounds like an ambitious start. Had you been an athlete prior to this?

Lou: I had dabbled with a lot of sports. I ran track and played soccer. I had scholarship offers to play basketball in college. I was even a cheerleader for a short time.

What is life like for you when you are not playing derby?

Lou: Busy! I spend time with my family or at work running the restaurant. We also try to travel any chance we get.

Any favorite places?

Lou: Lot's! Typically anywhere i can go to the beach!

What about music? What do you listen to while getting ready to play?

Lou: I like Justin Timberlake or Christina Aguliera's song "Dirty". Tupac is good too!Typically I just put Justin Timberlake into Pandora and let them do the rest!

So would you consider yourself more of a princess or a bad ass?

Lou: Probably a bad ass. My dad still calls me princess but that is because he is a bigger bad ass then me. Generally I have heard that I am a little intimidating. Maybe it's because I always give 120%. I came in to do a job, the best that I can, and to do it till it's done!

Maybe it is because you are almost 6'2" with skates on and you look like you may kill someone. Just a thought. So what is Roller Derby all about for you then?

Lou: For me it's all about a national title. I didn't come here to make friends. I have along the way and that is awesome, but that's not why I started. I came to compete. to do the absolute best that I can. That is what it is all about for me!!!

Thank you Evolution and best of luck in your title pursuit. Speaking of pursuit, let's get after it today.

5min. warm up
50 meters skipping for distance
50 meters skipping for height
20 frog jumps
50 meters karaoke(grapevine)
20 squat thrusts (burpees)
10 dive bomb push ups
2x 100 meter sprints @ 65-75%
4x 60 sec. planks
10 supermen
4x 25 crunches of your choosing
5 min. cool down

Have a great day!!!