03 August, 2010

Keeping It Rolling

Alright we're off and running. sounds like a relatively simple beginning to the week so it's time to turn it up a little bit. Today we are focusing on the core so let's get started!

5 min. warm up
3x10 overhead presses
3x10 front arm raise
3x15 standing straight arm twists
3x10 inverted rows
3x10 side leg lifts(lets go with standing today, Each leg)
2x10 quadruped
2x10 abdominal press ( hold for a 5 count)
2x25 swiss ball crunches
2x25 regular crunches
2x25 bicycle crunches
1 plank until failure (hold it as long as you can)




  1. What's an abdominal press?

  2. And a "quadruped"???

  3. The ab press is probably the most difficult to describe.
    1. Lay on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor
    2. Place you hands on your knees
    3. using your abs, attempt to press your knees to your chest while simultaneously using your arms to press them away.

    This should feel like you are fighting against your own body for fifteen sec.

    The quadruped is as follows:
    1. start on all fours
    2.Extend right arm and left leg as far from the center of your body as possible.
    3. return to starting position, switch to opposite appendages, and repeat