07 August, 2010

More Than a Feeling

I know it's Saturday and many have already checked out for the weekend but we are going to talk somewhat serious anyway. It's getting to the point in the season for a lot more multi game tournaments to begin. One of the biggest keys to making this style of play successful is physical conditioning. The physical demands of playing multiple games in a short period of time are vast. Beyond physical demands though there are psychological hurdles that must be met as well. It takes a mental toughness to be able to dig deep in the second or third game of a weekend. To be able to handle this kind of mental abuse, it too takes prep time. As you go through your workout today, visualize game situations that you may encounter. Concentrate on what the pack looks like, what your teammates having your back feels like, how the first jam feels as you make your first hit and your first lap. The clearer you can see it, feel it, and hear it now, the better prepared you will be when the time comes. That being said, lets go to work!

5 min. Warm up
15 min interval training( Jog 1 min., run 1 min.)
25 push ups
25 frog hops (squat jumps with a tuck)
2x 25 crunches your choice
20x 15sec. abdominal press
5 min. cool down



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