01 August, 2010


After a hard fought game or a high intensity practice it is important that you recover your body quickly. Protein within an hour of completion will maximize your bodies recovery time and help your muscles begin building back up from the beating they have to endure. Personally, I am not a big supplement fan, preferring to instead go with something more naturally found in food. This does not mean a protein supplement won't be beneficial, it's just a preference thing. Chocolate milk has been shown to be as effective if not more so than your average protein supplement and i will promise that it tastes better. If dairy is a concern, you have other good options with lean meats or rice protein.

Stretching and blood flow are the biggest keys to helping your muscles recover aside from diet. Getting your heart rate elevated the day after an intense workout will be much better for you than doing nothing even though it may still suck a little. Never stretch your muscles cold. You need increased blood flow in the tissue to help prevent overstretching or further tearing of the muscles. If you still have muscle soreness, hit the bath tub with some epsom salts and warm water. This will help alleviate some of the soreness and help your body recover. Also remember to stay hydrated. Water is best but gatorade or pedia lite in moderation will help as well especially if you are very dehydrated.

Keep in mind, these are only suggestions. Every one will react a little differently while recovering form intense exertion on your muscles. Do what works best for you but these suggestions will work for most people. Today's workout is in your hands, keeping in mind we are treating this as a recovery day. 30-40 minutes of moderate activity or "active rest" will be the goal. Achieve it as you will and enjoy your Sunday!!!


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