13 August, 2010

Where To Begin

This is probably going to take a second so feel free to skip straight to the work out. Let me begin by saying I have no clue how I ended up working with roller girls. It was certainly not my dream as I was growing up to one day be the personal trainer who helped a roller derby team with their strength and conditioning. Understand, I'm not complaining by any stretch. It just wasn't in the plan. The good news is that I kinda hated plans in the first place. Getting started with the derby seemed easy enough. The mechanics of skating are relatively simple and the game was basic enough to pick up. Jammers and Blockers, skate fast turn left, no punching, no elbows, no tripping. No big deal. God, how naive I was. What I found out about roller derby was that it was a way for me to be around a sport that was still competitive but void of huge scandal and the business that accompanies most high levels of athletics. That's right, selfish reasons were what got me started. These reasons are not what keeps we involved though. I found out that roller derby was a community of people who, for the most part, would rather hang out with the other team and have a beer. These women that I met were real women, strong women, beautiful women. Yes, the nature of the sport is to knock the shit out of each other and the scoring allows for some pretty demoralizing beatings. Many people may not look deeper but I did and it has literally blown my mind. Roller girls do friendship better than I have experienced in any sport at any level. I have been blessed to experience this first hand. Who else can take a dark night, a flat tire, no spare, and the middle of nowhere and turn it into a cartwheel competition down the yellow lines of a highway? Who else is willing to open up there home to people they don't really know, from places far away, and welcome them in for the weekend? Name one other sport where it is common to invite rivals to your closed practice knowing that you will probably have to play them again on the way to a national title? These are the women you get to share the joy of victory, the pain of defeat, and the experiences of a life away from the track with. Treasure this for it is hard to find. Competition got me started, the heart of one of the finest groups of women in the world is what keeps me coming back. Now enough with the emotional stuff and let's break a sweat!

5 min. warm up
50 meters lunges
50 meters skipping for distance
50 meters karaoke step (each side)
2 planks til failure
25 regular crunches
10 min. cool down



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