03 September, 2010

Cardio Queens

We've all seen them in the gym or at the local park running for hours on end with their matching exercise outfits and water proof make up done. Just the thought of this has me attempting to stifle my vomit right now. Here's the deal. I'm not just trying to hate on people who love to run long distances or attempt to look cute doing it(it's a little annoying, I'm just saying). The reason that I am not leaping for joy at this mentality is simply the law of diminishing returns. When we are talking about getting cardiovascular exercise, more time is only better to a point. 20 minutes of interval training has shown to be just as effective for your heart, lungs, and muscles as 45-60 minutes of consistent paced running. Now if you want to dress yourself up to go out husband(or wife) hunting, be my guest. If it is simply about improving, feeling better, looking better and performing better, leave the daily marathon grind alone. One hour of cardio should be more than enough, especially if you are concentrating on being as active as possible while you are not "working out". Here is a quick list of ways not to look like a total douche when working out followed by the pain for the day!

1. Wear Clothing: We don't care if you look better half naked. It is disturbing to the rest of the world and if you are doing it for attention, you really don't want the kind of attention you will get(unless you like overweight guys wearing tiny tank tops to expose their back hair)
2.Don't Dress Up: You are here to work! You should sweat! So should everyone else around you. I'm not saying don't wear make up. Just don't wear heels or blow dry your hair beween sets in order to fool the rest of us into believing you don't sweat. (I've seen it)
3. No Perfume, Yes Deodorant: We should not be able to smell you, good or bad
4. Rack Your Weights: You are no more or less important than anyone else. Clean up after yourself.
5. Keep Your Music To Yourself: If you love loud house music, that's awesome. The rest of the world doesn't want to hear it and your ear drums will thank you. You may need them when your teammates are letting you know that you are about to be smashed by the opposing team.(air guitar is questionable as well so it's up to your discretion)
6. Keep Your Phones To A Minimum: I'm just saying!

Enough with the ranting! Here is your workout!

5 min. warm up
Pyramid Interval Training ( 1 min. run , 1 min. jog, 2 min. run, 2 min jog, etc. up to 5 min.)
3x 10 3 sec. abdominal press
4x 45 sec. plank
2x 10 superman
5 min. cool down



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  1. I love the girl who is on the Eliptical machine and having the greatest conversation on her cell phone at the same time. You shouldn't be able to laugh and be super involved in the convo if you are truly working hard. I've had to resist punching that girl many times.

    --Annie Maul