02 September, 2010

If You Can't Beat'em, Beat Them!

Today we are all about power. The main difference between this and strength, simply put, is that strength is how much force your muscles can exert. Power is how quickly that force can be exerted. When we are talking about being able to deliver a demoralizing hit to a jammer or another blocker, power is the source we are seeking. This kind of training is quite a bit different than any other so I will do my best to keep it clear. Here we go!

5 min. warm up
STRETCH (this is vital today)
3x 10 squat to box jumps
3x 10 power step ups (each side)
3x 10 lateral ball hops (each side)
3x 10 medicine ball squat to wall toss
3x 10 power push up
3x 10 push press
2x 25 jackknife crunches
5 min cool down

Here is the explanations:

Squat to box jump- 1.) using proper form, squat down just below 90 degrees. 2.)hold squat for 3 sec. 3.) jump from the squatted position up on to a box, platform, or step. (be careful if you use your coffee table.

Power Step Ups- 1.) step up onto a platform/box that is roughly knee high using only your left leg. 2.) drive your right knee upward as you are stepping with enough force that your left foot leaves the platform. 3.) switch legs and repeat

Lateral Ball Hop- 1.) hop side to side over an object (I typically use either a soccer ball or a small cone) with both feet.

Med. Ball Squat to Toss- 1.) squat down holding a med. ball (any ball will work) Standing up, all in the same motion, throw the ball into the air as far as you can

Power Push Ups-1.) start with a regular push up on the way down. 2.) hold at the bottom for 2 sec. 3.) explode upward, letting your arms extend and your body leave the ground if possible

If you have any other questions let me know. Have a great day!


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