01 September, 2010

Why Does It Have To Be War All The Time?

It's Wednesday and I'm bored. We have been discussing some of the finer points of fitness for awhile now and I need a change of pace. Today, I'm talking about music. I don't really want to get into the way music can lift your spirits and help release endorphins or the way a good beat can keep you in the perfect tempo to maximize your workout. Today it is just going to be simply what i would consider some good newer music and maybe a top 25 to workout to. First off, I have to admit that my personal taste is all over the map. So far this year I have loved everything from Mumford and Sons to Eminem, Frightened Rabbit to OK Go. If variety is the spice of life, I'll take the fire sauce. Alright that was enough of a break for me. Here is my top 25 to workout to in no particular order and a nice little piece of cardio hell. Enjoy!

25.Jimmy Eat World- A Praise Chorus
24.The Gaslight Anthem- The 59' sound
23. Frightened Rabbit- Things
22.Fountains Of Waye- Radiation Vibe
21.Face to Face- Disconnected
20. Jay-Z and Linkin Park- Numb/Encore
19. Dramarama- Anything
18.BoneThugs N Harmony and Notorious B.I.G. - Notorious Thugs
17. Citizen Cope- Son's Gonna Rise
16. Hum- Stars
15.The Ting Tings- Not My Name
14. U2- Bad
13.The Yeah Yeah Yeah's- Zero
12.Andrew W.K.- Get Ready To Die
11. Beastie Boy's feat Q-tip- Get It Together
10. Korn- Got the Life
9. Far- At Night We Live
8. Flogging Molly- What's Left of the Flag
7. Big Audio Dynamite- Rush
6. Big Tymers- Number One Stunna
5. Guns and Roses- Welcome to the Jungle
4. Brand New- Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't
3. ACDC- Thunderstruck
2.Drowning Pool- Bodies
1.Jesus and Mary Chain- Head On

Now Seriously:

5 min. warm up
6x 400 meters ( 1 min. 45 sec. pace)
2x 800 meters ( 4 min. 30 sec. pace)
15 min. moderate jog
5 min. cool down

Have Fun!



  1. You should add some Nine Inch Nails to that list, friend.


  2. OK, I know I already commented, but I decided since I really like music and since I need to put together music for 5k training, I would give it a whirl (I hope nobody minds). It's a little NIN-heavy. Forgive my nerdiness.

    1. The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist
    2. Bad Religion - Materialist
    3. Beastie Boys - Sabotage
    4. Soundgarden - Blow Up the Outside World
    5. Sublime - Same in the End
    6. Suicidal Tendencies - Institutionalized
    7. T.I. - Rubber Band Man
    8. The Toadies - Mexican Hairless
    9. The Used - Buried Myself Alive
    10. Weezer - Tired of Sex
    11. White Zombie - More Human Than Human
    12. Young Buck - Let Me In
    13. 311 - T&P Combo
    14. Savage - Let Me See Your Hips Swing
    15. The Rave-Ups - Rave Up (Shut Up)
    16. Pennywise - Victim of Reality
    17. Orgy - Stitches
    18. NWA - Straight Outta Compton
    19. No Doubt - Sunday Morning
    20. Nine Inch Nails - My Violent Heart
    21. Nine Inch Nails - Last (Break Me Mix)
    22. Nine Inch Nails - Mr. Self Destruct
    23. Nine Inch Nails - Somewhat Damaged
    24. Nine Inch Nails - Head Like a Hole
    25. Mindless Self Indulgence - Never Wanted to Dance
    26. Garbage - Push It
    27. Jay-Z - On to the Next One
    28. The Deftones - Change (In the House of Flies)
    29. Monster Magnet - Space Lord
    30. Bad Brains - Sailin' On

  3. Good Mix. Can't go wrong with NIN and White Zombie is still a must!