31 August, 2010

Playing Hurt

Today I am going to talk about an issue that we all face on some level. First, let me clarify something though. There is a big difference between hurt and injured. If you are injured, something is torn or broken, you should take all of the necessary precautions to allow yourself to heal. If your hurt, in some sort of pain or discomfort, I would recommend that you push through the best you can. Let me be frank. There are times in life that it hurts. Your body and your ego will take some blows; a few strains or bruises if you will. This is where the true measure of who we are shines through. Not to get too deep but this applies to a whole lot more than just roller derby. I would venture the guess that at some point in each day you experience some sort of pain. The question is do you let this pain define the rest of your day? On the other side of most of the pains we experience is some form of victory. How sweet of a word is that...Victory. Winston Churchill summed up victory for the British in WWII pretty succinctly: praying for victory was fine, Deserving victory was what really mattered. As you go through the workout today think about what you are really developing. The commitment you are making to yourself and the discipline you are exhibiting by following through with this commitment is another step toward deserving the victories that are to come. I understand very well that exercising is not comfortable but it is worth the short term pain for the results. Let's go to work!

5 min warm up
3x 20 squat jumps
3x 20 speed skater jumps
3x 20 push ups
3x 20 bent flys
3x 20 overhead press
50 meters lunges
2x 25 crunches of you choosing
2x 20 straight arm twists (each side)
5 min. cool down

Have a great day!



  1. Bent flys and overhead press....are those using weights or bands?

  2. Either way will work. Concentration on completing the reps cleanly, with good form and focus on both contracting as well as extending the muscle is most important.