30 August, 2010

Grunting Builds Muscle Faster?

It's Monday morning, I haven't had my coffee, and some broad in a pink sports bra just told her friend that the most effective way to get the best body is to grunt loudly while lifting. This, she said, is a sure way of knowing that you are pushing your body far enough. Bullshit! It's just annoying and makes you look like an absolute moron. By the way, put on some clothes.That said, let's get this over with!

5 min. warm up
6x 400 meters @ 120 sec.(2 min. ) pace
15 min. light jog
4x 30 sec. planks
2x 25 bicycle crunches
2x 10 3 sec. abdominal press
2x 10 3 sec. superman
5 min. cool down

Let's try and make it a Great Day!!!



  1. Hi!! I am new to Roller Derby and pretty new to working out in general. I am a 42 yr old, over weight chick that wants to finally take care of myself and have some fun. With that said .... (LOL) .... not wanting to sound completely silly - what do we do for the warm up and stretches? The other stuff I can pretty well figure out (I hope)....Thanx for your help!

  2. Let me congratulate you on getting started. The warm up can be as simple or as difficult as you want it to be. the main reason that it is important, specifically before stretching, is to get blood flow through your muscle tissue at an elevated rate. You should be just beginning to break a sweat after a good warm up. Stretching is a little less straight forward. The goal is to loosen up muscles, whether they want to or not, and prepare them to do some work. Concentrating on big muscles is the best(i.e. your legs, chest, back). Some of the stretches should be static (leaning toward your toes) and some should be dynamic ( rotating your leg at the hip by bringing it up to the front, out to the side and back down to the start). This will help loosen your muscles up and go a long way toward preventing injury.