29 September, 2010

Don't Forget To Have Fun

There are probably a myriad of reasons that each person gets involved playing roller derby. There are a lot fewer reasons that people continue to play derby. I would guess that the central reason that most people continue to play roller derby is that it is fun. The relationships, the crowd, the skating, the hitting, the safe release of pent up aggression; all of these add up to enjoyment. It can be easy to forget that sometimes. Derby can be like a lover in that it can bring both immense joy and also leave you feeling scorned. Even in the hardest of times during a season, remember why you started. remember the times that you laughed as you learned the game with the women you began with. Think about the craziness that inevitably ensues at after parties where you can drink with girls that an hour before you were trying to knock into the next week. Think about the difficult situations that the roller derby community has helped see you through(they are pretty damn good at this as a whole). Remember that this is a sport that will meet you where your at, accept who you are and give you room to grow. Remember what it was like to play other sports as a kid, to run, jump, skate, bike, pogo, or whatever else you did. Thank your skates today for carrying you around the track and thank your teammates for being the incredible women and more importantly friends that they are. Have fun today and feel free to fall in love with roller derby all over again! Let's get to work.

5 min warm up
30 push ups as fast as you can get them
3x 10 bent flys (use your skates for resistance)
3x 10 over head presses
3x 10 bridges
3x 10 slow squats
50 meters side steps
50 meters back pedaling
2x 10 quadruped (each side)
2x 25 bicycle crunches
5 min. cool down



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