22 September, 2010

Getting Centered

Finding the right balance in your life is probably of the utmost importance. This is not what I am going to talk about. Instead we are going to just stress again the importance of your core and strengthening it. This is the single most effective type of training for both avoiding injury and surviving the day to day in top form. While it may not help you find your inner zen, it may keep you on your feet long enough to not be destroyed by another girl on the track. Now let's go to work and by the way, if you have the secret to the meaning of life don't be afraid to share!

10 min. Warm Up
10 dive bomb push ups
10 unstable push ups(either on a ball, set of rings, or trx bands)
4x 30 sec. plank
4x 15 sec. bridge
3x 25 pulse squats
2x 15 sec. side plank(each side)
4x 15 sec. double leg abdominal press
4x 10 sec. supermans
3x 10 woodchops with resistance
2x 25 torso twists with medicine ball
2x 25 ball crunches
2x leg lifts (drawing numbers 1-10)
2x 25 bicycle crunches
5 min. Cool down



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