21 September, 2010


Some days are just going to kick your ass. Yesterday had my number all over it. I've got to be honest, these are the times that I miss the family atmosphere of a team. Even above and beyond that, I miss having a good coach. If you've been playing on a great team, even for a short time, you know exactly what I am talking about. You probably understand what it is like to know that your team is right behind you and where exactly they are without having to turn your head and look. The expression of respect and understanding that is routinely passed between players without taking the time for words. The pride that you can hold as it is given from a coach, even one that can be the biggest asshole in the world, when you have given your best. The joy of victory, the consolation of defeat. The tears that are shed in both. I remember what it was like to cross the line onto the field for the first time each game, the feeling of camaraderie as the team acted as one imposing force. I remember the feeling electricity that built before the first whistle, the bloodthirst that was in my own eyes as well as my teammates. These moments are still some of my most treasured. I remember a coach breaking down with us after a nasty loss to end our season and the amount of dignity that he kept intact. To this day I would do anything the man asked me. Some days it would be nice to have someone like that follow you through the day, keep you on track, console you when it's due, kick your ass when your being a baby, and generally bring out the best in you. Some days we won't win but doesn't mean you have lost. Hold tight the opportunities that present themselves to be a part of a team that is more than about you, to have a coach that will push you to your best and lead you through adversity. Now let's go to work!

5 min. warm up
2x 50 meters karaoke steps (each side)
2x 50 meters high knees
2x 50 meters side steps(each side)
4x 50 meters back pedal to sprint
4x 100 meter sprint
2x 200 meter sprint
4x 400 meter sprint @ 120 sec. (2 min)
4x 30sec. planks
10x 5 sec. ab presses
2x 25 oblique crunches
5 min. cool down




  1. Question.
    A while back you mentioned that chocolate milk really assists in muscle recovery. While I agree, I've had to eliminate a lot of dairy from my diet. Do you have any insight as far as non-dairy recovery methods go? Like if soy milk would provide some of the same benefits?


  2. Good question. Soy milk is not necessarily your best bet. While there certainly is some protien there is also a lot of estrogen. Estrogen can have many different affects on the body but stricly from a recovery stand point, it is counter productive. For the record I understand that there is research to both support this as well as dismiss it. My personal reccomendation would be to look into either almond or rice milk. You can also buy dry rice protein and mix it with something if that is a better option. In the past I usually have mixed it with fresh fruit and vegetable juice and had good results. That is the best reccomendation I could give!

  3. That's excellent! It definitely helps. Thank you.