20 September, 2010

For Those Who Came To Play!

There are more than likely a million cliches that are along the lines of go big or go home. This may come as a shock to you but I don't believe that we are here to be cliches. That said, I pose the question why are you here? This is not in the philosophical way that I ask, but more of like what the fuck did you come here for? I am going to go out on a limb and assume that you are here because you have absolutely no desire to blend in, to be average. You probably have the need to excel, to stand out, to define yourself on your terms. This is what I love about derby girls. Though it is a team sport and should always be played as one, it lends itself for individuals to express their own individual personality. I am also going to assume that you are reading this rant(more than likely just to get to the exercise section) because you are constantly trying to push yourself, make strides toward your own excellence, and gain whatever edge you can! Today, above and beyond the work out, live today like you came to play and please excuse the cliches!

5 min. warm up
2x 15 wide grip push ups
15 dive bomb push ups
3x 15 tricep dips
2x 20 45 degree angle squat thrusts(burpees)
2x 20 box jumps
2x 15 bent flys
2x 25 med ball twist crunches
2x 25 jackknife
2x 25 crunches with legs flat on ground
5 min. cool down



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