19 September, 2010

Bring Your Best

Another day of putting your time in. Just like punching a clock we head out for some more cardio. Unlike a miserable job we get almost instantaneous results, even if they are as simple as the feeling of muscles that are aching and ready for more punishment. Today as you are logging some more miles on your body keep in mind that there is a reason for doing all of this. For some it will be to compete at the highest level of your sport. For others, the opportunity to look great while kicking ass. For all of us the chance to push ourselves and earn our own respect. That said, let's go to work!

5 min. warm up
4x 90 sec. 400meters
1 mile light jog(12-14 min. pace)
2x back pedal to sprint @ 45 degree angle(each side)
50 meters Skipping for distance
4x plank to failure
5 min. cool down



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