16 September, 2010

Mental Game

So often it is overlooked the power that your mind holds even over your physical health. This is overly important for an athlete. Studies have shown that practice can be effective by taking the time to walk through your game in your mind. As a matter of fact, the results showed that among basketball players shooting free throws a group that practiced an hour a day and another group that thought about it an hour a day showed almost identical improvement. What does this mean for us? I would suggest that no matter what your specific goal is, the best way to achieve it is to think about it as often as possible. If you want to lose weight, imagine yourself being the weight that you want to be. If you are looking to skate faster, picture in your mind the way your body must move to make this possible. I've been training people for the past 5 or 6 years and I can tell you the people that are able to do this most effectively see the best results not to mention find the most confidence and swagger along the way! So that in mind, let's go to work!

5 min. warm up
3x 15 push ups
3x 15 tricep dips
3x 15 squat thrusts (burpees)
3x 30 sec. mountain climbers
3x 15 overhead press
ABC leg lifts
2x 25 oblique crunches(each side)
2x 25 crunches with legs straight
5 min. cool down



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