17 September, 2010

Running In Circles

Today we are back to doing some cardio. We are, however, going to get a little more specific. Being a derby girl leaves your body with some very specific strengths and weaknesses that both need to be further strengthened. Understand, as I write this I am talking only to the people who truly have the desire to perform as a top athlete. If it is enough for you to just be a part of something other than your pre-roller derby life than this post really won't mean much for you. Not that I'm judging. I understand that we are all at different points along the path. If you are at a point where earning your playing time by garnering the respect of the women you have the honor to skate with is of great importance, this post should help you take it to the next level. At this point in the season, most of you have been skating for more than six months straight. The good news about this is that your body should be very used to the balance and endurance that the act of skating requires. The bad news is that your body has more than likely reached the point where it is very difficult to shock it or make vast gains in improving. Athletes typically refer to this as reaching a plateau. The fact of the matter is that if you do the same workout over and over say three times a week, by the time you have reached the third week your body will be used to it and generally stop reacting to it. To help avoid reaching plateaus, which by the way can be absolutely miserable, we are going to continue to make well timed and necessary adjustments to your workout. If this is executed properly, day in and day out, you should not have to worry about your body slowing in it's progress. That said, here is your workout!

5 min. warm up
50 meters lunges
50 meters karaoke step (each side)
8x 25 meter backpedal to sprint( start by back pedaling, drop into a sprinters start, explode forward at a full sprint for 25 meters)
50 meters side shuffle(each side)
50 meters bear crawls
4x 90 sec. 400 meter run
2x 30 sec side plank (each side)
25 full jackknife crunches
25 bicycle crunches
10x 3 sec. bridges
5 min. cooldown




  1. I gotta say that I think this one was my favorite yet!

  2. When you say bridge, do you mean a bridge where you're on your back with feet on the floor pushing your pelvis toward the ceiling? Or a bridge like a plank?

  3. I mean with your back on the floor, hips going toward the ceiling. Thanks for all of your responses. Hopefully you are all enjoying great results!

  4. Thanks J - Loved this workout btw. Kicked my ass. Definitely seeing results on the track as well.