14 September, 2010

Moving Some Weight

We're back to resistance training and we are back with a vengeance. Here is the deal. On top of being athletes roller girls are iconic as being strong beautiful women. You might as well love the body that you are in and make it work as well and look as good as is humanly possible. The real secret to 90% of this is owning it. That's right, it is all about the attitude you bring to the table. I am not a psychologist (for the most part) though, I am a trainer. That being said, we are going to focus on the 10% that is physical. Today's workout is going to be high in repetition and may be a little boring at times. It will also burn the muscles and the more burn we can get the better. Without further adieu!

5 min warm up
2x 20 pushups
2x 20 tricep dips
2x 20 inverted rows
4x 20 pulse squats
2x 20 front raises
2x 20 side leg lifts
2x 20 lateral raises
4x 25 slow crunches
2x 30sec. planks
5 min. cool down




  1. Can you remind me what the front and lateral raises are?

    Also, I do a lot of these workouts at home and I just don't have a good place to do the inverted rows. I have tried a couple different substitutes but they don't seem to work the same muscles. What do you recommend to work the same muscle group?

  2. The front raise is where you raise your arms to the front, up to parallel with the floor. The lateral raise is where you raise your arms to the side like you are pretending to be a bird flying gracefully into the blue abyss. As for the rows, your next best substitute is probably a bent row. Bend at the waist, KEEP YOUR BACK STRAIGHT, row your arms to your chest.