22 October, 2010


Exclamation points make everything better! I am going to suggest that this is because they place an overt emphasis on whatever the subject may be. Why am I discussing punctuation in a workout blog you may ask? Because it is the punctuation that is what closes out a sentence much the way that we need to punctuate the our lives with something. This may seem a little deep or far too shallow but bear with me for a second. We have arrived at the point in the year where transition is all to evident. The three main transitions that I am going to deal with are these: the transition into the contending for a national championship, the transition of beginning an off season after a loss, and the transition of becoming a roller girl for the first time and learning the ropes and discipline necessary to excel. The answer to each of these transitions I believe to be best summed up by the word action! The simplicity of this may throw you off but the psychology is much more complicated and it works. Action breed emotion. If you are finding yourself apprehensive, concerned, or conversely confident taking positive actions will help you weather the transitions with much more ease. I would encourage the someone who is competing for a national championship to take small actions toward continuing to improve their fundamentals and the relationships with their teammates. This is what is going to make the difference between trying and succeeding. This and tons of heart! For someone who is just settling into the off season, I would say start doing something positive to improve yourself as an individual skater. You cannot change the past and there is little that can take the sting out of a loss, but you can help insure that you are more prepared to not make the same mistakes ever again and you can be better conditioned as well. For our new girls, don't over think things. Just start making daily decisions that are going to help you improve. For all today, the best action will be a good cardio workout. Without further adieu...

10 min warm up
45 min moderate cardio movement
10 x 25 meter hill sprints
10 min cool down



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