14 October, 2010


Getting blocked is something that while incredible in roller derby, is very frustrating when you have to write. The great news for me and it will probably be a relief to you, is that I am not actually a writer. I simply play one on TV. That's not true either for the record. I guess the unexpected point in all of this is that you really shouldn't take yourself too seriously. There may be things in life you should take seriously, most of which I am still unaware exist, but yourself is not one of these. When was the last time that you got the chance to laugh at your own expense? I can typically find something to make me smile and shake my head before I make it into the shower in the morning. If I am able to make coffee without burning myself, someone, or something else I like to consider it a successful day. Talk about taking the pressure off. I only have to be on my game long enough to make coffee. Before I completely derail and lose all semblance of reason, I will stop short and hope that you find today lightheartedly. Here is your workout!

10 min. warm up
3x 10 push ups
3x 10 overhead press
3x 10 side leg lifts(each side)
3x 10 bent flys
4x 15 sec single leg plank(2 each side)
4x 10 straight leg crunches
10 min cool down



P.S. I want to offer my thanks to Kelly for her assistance and physical capability in putting together the workout explanations. I really appreciate your help!

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