15 October, 2010

Run For The Hills

It's Friday and another week is on the books. Before we go out in search of oblivion we have a little bit of cardio to do. Today is going to be a little nasty so I will apologize in advance. We are going to basically find the largest hill possible, preferably about 150 to 200 meters. If you are in Illinois, Florida, or parts of Texas this could present an issue. If you can't find a hill, stairs will have to do but you will only need about 4 full flights. Before we get started with the running, the cursing, the whining, and most of all the excuses, let me explain why we are doing this. It is important to push your body outside of it's comfort zone. Think about it like you would approach the track. Your skates are not going to hold the same edge on a sport court as they will on a wood floor with the same wheels. The same applies to your muscles and joints. You need to have both prepared for whatever is thrown at you. The benefit to the hills is simple. The incline gets your heart rate elevated higher faster, the uneven surface forces dynamic stabilization, flexibility, and strength and the fast twitch muscle training improves your power and quickness. Now to address the excuses. I understand that you already play a high impact sport and your joints more than likely feel it. I am also aware that everything that you do is with a helmet and pads on. If you stay light on your feet, stretch, and keep on your toes on the way up there will be no issues. That said let's get to it!

5 min warm up
10x 10 meter hill sprints
6x 25 meter hill sprints
4x 50 meter hill sprints
2x all the way up
1x up backwards
1x up side stepping(each side)
5 min cool down



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