11 October, 2010

Hungry Like A Wolf

I have to start today off with a Hey Girl Hey for my ladies in Kansas City. A great regional tournament showing and a trip to nationals, over all not a bad weekend girls! I would also like to congratulate the Texas girls on a hell of an effort and a trip to Chicago as well. Keeping along the lines of good news, I have finally posted some exercise explanations with pictures and will be adding video this coming week. Thank you all for tolerating the meaningless rhetoric that can be a trainers language. Hopefully this will clear things up a bit. Other than that, it's Monday and time to get after it. Let's try to make this a great week!

5 min warm up
2x 20 straight arm twists
2x 20 push ups
2x 50 meters lunges
50 meters karaoke step
2x 20 overhead press
2x 20 bent flys
50 reg. crunches
25 straight leg crunches
4x 15 sec. planks
5 min. cool down




  1. Thanks so much for the workout explainations. They really help!

  2. Glad they help. There will be some more to come!