09 October, 2010

Back Again

Alright here we go again. Let me first congratulate those who have made it through the first rounds of their regional tournaments. Secondly, let me offer my condolences to anyone who lost their games yesterday or today. This is possibly the toughest portion of the season. As an athlete right now it is easy to focus on either the pain of defeat or the elation of victory. Take a few moments and deal with these emotions appropriately. The hard part is what we do next. Win or lose, it is time to go back to the grind. This is possibly easier to say than it is to execute. sometimes the reality of a situation is difficult to deal with but I will promise that it is better to deal with anything in life while taking action in a positive direction. So let's get back to taking good steps of action toward improving! That's closer to a cheesy statement than I ever hoped to go but whatever.

5 min. warm up
10 dive bomb push ups
2x 10 wide grip push ups
50 meters of lunges
2x 25 meters of side shuffles(each side)
2x 10 inverted rows
2x 10 overhead presses
4x 30 sec. planks
2x 25 reg crunches
5 min. cool down



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