18 November, 2010

Brick By Brick

Resistance training can be as complex or as simple as you want to make it. Today I am in a simple mood. Let's attack the workout from that perspective. Before we get right in however, I do want to take a moment and clarify why we are focused on resistance and what this means for you as athletes and people. First off, resistance type training is quite literal in it's definition. It is essentially an exertion of force against one or more opposing forces in order to resist, overcome, or bear said force. That should make it all as clear as mud. the most common use of resistance training is weight training but we are not limited to weights. Body weight, gravity, and other sources of resistance still qualify. So now it's defined but why is it important? The truth is that it is incredibly important, more so for women than men. For starters, resistance training builds lean muscle, assists in strengthening, and helps prevent injury or malaise. Strength training, rather than cardio only, helps prevent bone loss that can increase risk of osteoporosis, allows weight to be managed with much less effort, and will build support to keep everything in place and working properly. There are some reasons. I have begun to ramble and am going to stop short. Feel free to comment if you have questions and have a great day!!!

5 min. warm up
2 min push ups( as many as possible)
2 min standing squats (as many as possible)
2 min bent rows (as many as possible)
2 min front raise (you get the idea)
5 min cool down



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