03 November, 2010


The bouts to decide the best in the land are upon us. I recently read derby news networks power rankings and I have to say that I don't agree. This is not a sleight to DNN, I rarely agree with anything that involves polls or ranking. Maybe I am just an idiot but this looks like another BCS debacle in my opinion. How you can rank a team with the best record in the country below someone else is beyond me. Many times I feel we forget that when it comes to athletic competition winners and losers are much simpler to determine than in any other arena of life. The results are the only thing that we can all measure equally. I am well aware of the methodology that goes into weighting opponents, point spreads, and overall quality of play in order to determine the rank of a team. At the end of the day though this is all mostly a bunch of bullshit. The way that we will determine the best team in the nation this year is to look at the scoreboard when the last bout is over. What is to say that in the early rounds we don't see some incredible desire and heart from an incredibly underrated team like Minnesota or Madison? Both of these teams are ranked below a team that didn't make the national tourney. The whole point that I am making here is simple. I believe that the best prepared team with the best teamwork in any given bout will be the winner. Only you as players can determine the results. This is the opportunity to touch glory and turn heads doing it. I offer only my best to the teams about to compete knowing the price that must be paid to get to this level. Now it is in your hands to determine the truth of who is best rather than listen to some blowhard such as myself (or DNN) choose who is the best. Enjoy the ride no matter what!!!

5 min. warm up
50 meters karaoke steps
50 meters bear crawls
2x 25 meter sprints
2x 50 meter sprints
2x 100 meter long stride (jogging)
3x 5 dive bombs
3x 30 sec v sit
3x 30 sec. planks
5 min. cool down



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