09 December, 2010

Time Is On My Side

Not only a cute title it's also a great Rolling Stones song. On a side note, Keith Richards new book is phenomenal if you find yourself with some hours to kill. I digress. The third letter of the fitt acronym stands for time or time under stress. Many people get caught up here. Let's first clarify a few misconceptions. Time, not reps, is the more important thing to realize as you are going through your workout. I can usually keep my workouts to within 30 sec. of each other day to day meaning that I know exactly how much time I want to put each muscle under the stress of resistance. This can help alot with planning out the rest of your day. Generally, with a few exceptions, the workouts that I have been posting are roughly 45 to 50 min. in length. Some have been longer and some shorter, for different reasons, but if these are taking you longer to complete than that, you may consider looking into it a bit further. As Derby Girls you need a body that can definitely handle 120 sec. or 2 min. worth of time under stress in a single serving. With the last principle that will be discussed tomorrow you will better understand how we can make each workout specifically target that style of fitness as well as make you look more incredible than you already do in the process!Here is today's assignment!!!

5 min. warm up
15 min light cardio
4x 4min moderate cardio
4x 2 min heavy cardio
4x 30 sec. planks
2x 10 quadruped
5 min cool down

Rest should be held to 30sec. or less between sets


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  1. Thanks for mentioning the Stones today. I've been listening to "Under My Thumb" on loop.

    Also, thanks for breaking everything down further. I am the kind of person that has to know why things are happening in order to be motivated to do them, so this is adding some fuel to my fire.