08 December, 2010


The second letter of the fitt concept is intensity. A few things need to be mentioned here, mainly that intensity does not mean weight. The amount of resistance or weight that you are moving is only one of many ways to adjust the intensity of your workout. Other options include, but are not to, amount of rest, angle of attack, stability, order of exercise, and adjustment of proprioception(relation to space). If your workouts are not challenging enough but you are concerned about adding weight, thinking this will cause you to bulk up, give yourself less rest between sets or exercises. If overhead presses are too simple, try standing on one leg or doing them with your eyes closed. I understand that may sound bizarre but these are all proven training methods that will help strengthen and stabilize your body. Today we are only going to key in on adjusting your rest between sets or exercises depending on whether you are circuit training or not. Here is your workout!

5 min warm up
3x 15 speed skaters
3x 15 squat thrusts(burpees)
3x 15 push-ups
3x 15 overhead presses
3x 15 inverted rows
2x 25 bicycle crunches
2x 25 reg crunches
2x 10 floor bridges
5 min cool down

This workout should be completed with no more than 30sec. of rest between each exercise or set. Keep your eye on the clock and enjoy!!!


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